Improve your WooCommerce store with 8 effective WooCommerce Customization Tips

Want to make your WooCommerce store website perform better? Need more traffic, increased sales, and customer engagements? Want to make your WooCommerce store fast, easy-to-use, and trustable? Do you want to rank better on the search engine result page? Then these 8 easy & effective WooCommerce Customization Tips are for you.

Online business has opened new doors for entrepreneurs. More opportunities are available than ever. But you are not the only one who wants to grab the opportunities. There are thousands of shops or stores coming online every day. Again, the presence of giant e-commerce platforms makes it even harder to flourish in the internet world. The competition is very high that only the best of the bests can survive.

But still, there is hope. If you can create a perfect website and make it presentable enough to attract customers, then success must come to you. With the help of WordPress, starting an online store is not hard. With WooCommerce, an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, anyone can build an online store. It is fast and easy to set up a perfect website to sell your products. All you have to do is be creative and make the best use of WooCommerce.

Here are some tremendous WooCommerce customization tips on how to improve your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Customization Tip #1: WooCommerce Store navigation:

As our first tip, we would like to recommend you to customize the navigation of your website. You should flatten the navigation of your website. To help you understand the importance of flat website structure, in a flat architecture website your customers will need fewer clicks to reach their desired destination of the website. You can visit popular online stores like ASOS or West Elm for a better understanding of this structure- they display the most popular pages and relevant new content.

Your website design decides how users will react. If you follow the flattened structure, then your customers will find your website fast and easy to use as they require fewer clicks to find what they want to see. You can also showcase and attract them to your offerings. Not only that, this navigation model will help you to improve the position in the search engine result page and SEO. 

WooCommerce Customization Tip #2: Create Categories and Subcategories.

Creating Categories and subcategories is a great idea to apply in your WooCommerce store. One of the common mistakes people make by ignoring it. The categories and subcategories help your customers to find the products they want. 

For example, suppose you want to buy Mangoes. Now if the website has a huge list of their products where there are all the names of fruits, flowers, veggies, and groceries, how long would you need to find Mangoes? Will you really waste that much time to find it? The answer is no. Instead, if there is a separate category for each product line like there are categories for fruit, vegetable, and flower, then you can simply click on fruit and then select Mango from there. It makes your website fast, easy to use, and organized. This is why you need category pages.

Another big reason to have Categories is SEO. The more specific pages you have with long-tail keywords the more likely it is that new customers will discover your website on the search engine result page.

So, don’t forget about relevant keywords and use them when creating your categories as per your advantage.

WooCommerce Customization Tip #3: Add Live Search

Adding live search to your WooCommerce website brings a lot of benefits to your customers. And your customer’s satisfaction brings benefit to you.

Again, the addition of a search bar will help your customers find their specific necessities easily and fast. Your customers will be just one search away from your product after they have reached your website.

You can simply use WooCommerce product search or choose a theme that comes with this feature.

Typing a few letters in the search bar will display relevant product suggestions which will make it even easier to find specific things.

WooCommerce Customization Tip #4: Unique Product Descriptions

Creating your unique product descriptions is a must. There is no guarantee that the content that worked for your competitor will work for you too. There are even plugins to automate the process. This is the mistake many people do and then repent in the long run. You must create your own unique and relevant product descriptions. If you can’t then you can hire someone from online platforms. This may be a little harder than just copying others, but in the long run, you will find your pages much better in quality and ranking higher than your competitors also getting higher traffics. 

Similarly, you can make your product pages stand out even better by adding custom images or media. you can even add custom videos to your product gallery by using something like the free YITH WooCommerce Featured Video plugin.

WooCommerce Customization Tip #5: Internal Linking

Internal linking is adding the link of one page of your website to another page of the same website. Normally the term is used for blog articles but here we are discussing WooCommerce. Internal linking is very important and a must for any online business. It’s a shame that many business website owners completely fail in this part while it’s very easy. 

WooCommerce plugin includes built-in options to add upsells and cross-sales to display related & relevant products in the product page and the Cart page.  Some WordPress themes may also include fully styled product pages to help you display your products. 

This is how internal linking in WooCommerce works. You can even take it one step ahead by adding the  WooCommerce price compare plugin.

Internal linking is very important as it helps you to show more products to your customers, help them to make a perfect choice and know about new products also it helps you with the SEO. Which finally gives you better sales performance. 

WooCommerce Customization Tip #6: Manage your Out-of-stock Pages.

All your products are not likely to be in stock for 365 days per year. It’s obvious that some products will be out of stock for a short time, a long time, or maybe forever. Whatever it is you can’t disappoint your customers with those out of stock products. You can delete those pages, but it will disturb your SEO and reduce the visibility of your WooCommerce website.

So, the solution is to redirect your out-of-stock-product pages with a different but similar one. So that you can do both offer your goods and keep the opportunity to re-activate 

the old page if necessary. You can use an SEO plugin like YOAST to redirect pages.

WooCommerce Customization Tip #7: WooCommerce Store Speed

You have to speed up your WooCommerce store. There is no alternative to it. You can have a look at this article to know about speeding up your WP website. A high-speed website can also you with the SEO as well as getting better customer response. Though this is the 7th point of this article it is one of the most important things to make sure of.

WooCommerce Customization Tip #8: Ensure Real Reviews and testimonials

Make sure the reviews and testimonials are real. Customers will obviously look at the reviews before making a purchase. If they somehow detect a fake review or even smell it, they will not make the purchase. You can use different testimonial plugins or review plugins to manage it. Use a plugin like TrustedSite to manage the reviews.

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So, if you have a WooCommerce store and want to have a better user experience, more sales, traffic, and rankings then these tips for WooCommerce customization will surely be helpful to you. The application of these tips will get results immediately and help your WooCommerce store in the long run. So, don’t miss any of it. Make sure you have applied all. Contact us for any suggestions.