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Figma To WordPress

How to Convert your Figma design into a fully functional WordPress website? What is Figma and WordPress? Is Figma better than PSD? Where to get Figma to WordPress services? And more. Read this article carefully for a basic idea of all your questions.


We all know how important it is to have a perfect design for your website. In this market of enormous competition, it has becomes really hard for a new website to stand in front of the crowd. The design plays a vital role in attracting and engaging the audience to your website and engage. To make your website acceptable to the audience, you need a very personalized design and functions that are specifically made for your website.

And this is where  Figma to WordPress conversion is required. However, there are other options too, like PSD to WP, Sketch to WP and more. But, Figma to WordPress is one of the most popular ways to get a fully functional personalized website. In this article, we will know about Figma design to fully functional WordPress website and theme.

What is Figma, and why is it important for your WP website design?

Figma is a tool or software for designing. It is one of the most popular designing and editing tool among all level of designers. Graphic designers use Figma to create various designs for different purposes.A personalized website theme is essential for you. You can use Figma to design a theme for your customized website. Here you can also hire a designer who will create a design for you. Once you are done with your Figma design, then you reach to the process of Figma to WordPress. You have to convert your Figma design into a website theme. Or, we can say you have to apply the primary design to your website.

Here usually a professional web designer and developer takes on. He takes the Figma design then creates a pixel perfect WordPress website theme that is fully functional and looks exactly like the Figma design. So, we must say Figma has a vital role to create a fully functional WordPress theme from Figma.

What is WordPress Website?

According to Wikipedia, “WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.”And WordPress website is websites created in WordPress.WordPress is a web publishing software where you can build and design your website. WordPress is dominating as the first choice for making websites for a long time. There are 455,000,000 WordPress websites online, and 547200more new websites are added every day.

For making your website easy to use, search engine optimized and pixel perfect, you need to have a fully functional theme like that. Your website theme will help you stand out of the crowd and showcase what you got for your audience. To get a good idea about how you want your website to be, you need to create a design first. For creating a design, you can use Figma, PSD, Sketch and other options. You can design it however you like. Once you have finalized your design, then a designer will apply it to your wp website.

Why is it important to create a Figma design and then convert it into a fully functional website?

Not only Figma. No matter what kind of design file you have, but you must have a design to a personalized website theme. Without your design, the developer won’t get a clear idea about how you want your WP website designed. No problem if you don’t know how to design. You can easily find a designer who will do it for you. Then you give it to a web developer to convert Figma to WordPress website theme.

How to convert Figma design into a fully functional Wp website?

Converting Figma to WP website will require some skills and experience. You need to have proper knowledge of web designing and web development, coding, SEO, etc. But knowledge won’t be enough for converting Figma to a fully functional website. You will need to have enough experience. Professionals usually take years to call themself an expert. Though the process is a bit lengthy to describe in one article, most professionals use these steps to convert Figma to a fully functional WP website. The steps are,

Step 1: Slicing:  This is the first step of converting Figma to WP. In this step, you have to slice your Figma to divide into separate image files, each containing different design elements.

Step 2: Code in HTML and style by using CSS: In this step, the experts design the sliced elements into HTML or XHTML. Then the style and format them in Style.css.

Step 3: Braking your index.html to WP theme structure: After converting the Figma file to HTML, you now have your basic template ready. Now, you have to apply it to WordPress. You will require index.php and style.css files to create a fully functional WP theme.

Step 4: Add WP Tags: Import the inbuilt functionalities provided by WP into your theme files and use WordPress tags and add tags.

These are the step by step process (in short) of converting Figma to WordPress website. Converting PSD to Wp is also almost the same.

It is not possible to do everything on your own. We must take other’s help to reach success. Same goes for establishing a successful website. You should always take expert assistance for creating a presentable website unless you are an expert yourself.

Figma to WordPress service providers:

You may find many Figma to WordPress conversion service providers online and in your local area. All you have to do is contact them, give them your design and tell them what you exactly want. They usually charge you on an hourly basis. But, remember that not everyone is an expert, and there are frauds out there. Most of them ask for a prepayment or advance payment. So, you always have a risk.

For Figma to WordPress, PSD to WordPress, Sketch to WordPress, or any other design to fully functional WP website theme, you can contact us at Our expert team will take on your project with responsibility. The difference between the others and is, we do not take any prepayment or advance payment. We charge a very reasonable price, and you have to pay after you are satisfied with the output. Click here to contact us. We are active 24/7 at your service. Know more about our services.

Which one is the better option, PSD to WP or Figma to WP:

It depends on the designer. Both options are efficient for designing the primary theme. The designer has the freedom to choose the one he likes. Experts won’t have a problem to convert it to a fully functional website theme. To put it in short, both are good options and better than a sketch.

Conclusion:  Creating a fully function WP website theme from Figma or any other design is a crucial part of the success of your website. The most efficient way of getting an expert’s service is purchasing online.

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