Optimize Your WordPress Website and Make it fast


Are you concerned about speeding up your word press site? Want to know more about WordPress website optimization? Want to optimize your WordPress site? Then this blog is for you.

Why Optimize Matters for Your WordPress Website? 

According to a study conducted in 2016, an average human’s attention span is about 7 seconds only! So that is the time an average person will wait to see what he wants to see on your page. The internet is full of websites and relatable content.

If a person clicks on your page from his search result and has to wait to load your page, or if he finds that your page is slower than his expectation, he will simply quit your page and visit another one.

No matter how nicely your page was designed, if it is not fast enough, it is impossible to reach your expectation from your website. According to Google, speed equals revenue”. The speed of your website also impacts directly on SEO. 

How to Understand If Your Website Is Fast Enough Or Not.

You can understand the speed performance of your website through PageSpeed Insights tool.  Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool will show you the performance of your website and give you suggestions on how to make it better. It will give you a score on your website’s performance in 1 to 100. The score is divided in Red(poor), Orange(average) and Green(good).

See the performance of your website in PageSpeed Insights tool.

You can also use Pingdom Tools and GT Matrix to check your website’s speed performance. 

Want to get a better score by optimizing your WP site? Continue reading.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Site to Get The Best Score Page Speed Tools?

To speed up your website’s performance, you have to maintain some primary causes that may be slowing your site down. These are, how well your web hosting server is configured, external scrips like font leaders, ads, etc. The size of your page, bad plugins, your WordPress configuration, etc. can be an issue to slow down your web site.

Now let’s focus on the issues that may optimize your website, improve its overall performance also speed up.

  • A good web hosting.
  • Using perfect plugins
  • Optimizing Images for speed
  • Keeping the WordPress site updated
  • Using a theme optimized for speed
  • Fine-tuning WordPress
  • Website database
  • Use Content Delivery Network CDN

And a lot more.

To be honest, Optimizing or speeding up your WP site perfectly, is a lot of work for a non-professional. It is a matter of a lot of time. If you really want to make your WordPress website fast and fruitful, you can hire a PSD to WordPress(getpsdtowp.com) support company like ours.

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