Why do Professionals recommend PSD to WP conversion?

Creating a website that can stand in the front line is getting more difficult each day psd to wp. Thousands of new websites are coming online every single day, and everyone wants to be the best. But the truth only a few of them can stand out of the crowd and establish itself as a successful website. If you want to get a professional and responsive website, you must use the best possible ways to design and develop a website. And PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the best and most popular methods to create a responsive WP website.

What experts say about PSD to WP and WordPress?

WordPress is today’s most popular CMS where you can create and manage a website. According to recent data, 34% of all websites online are powered by WordPress. The ratio is increasing day by day.  Developers also prefer WordPress as a WP website is easy to operate by the owner. Developers also found it hassle-free to create websites in WordPress.

We asked our  WordPress website expert Sharmin Salma about this. She said,

” WordPress is a user-friendly CMS. A user can easily operate it without any kind of coding knowledge. It’s easy to build a professional website within a short time. As a developer, I prefer WP because there are lots of resources in WP & easy to customize for any kind of modification or can develop functionalities easily.”

On the other hand, Photoshop is a worldwide popular software for designing. Adobe’s Photoshop designs are popular for all kind of designing and editing. Photoshop is the most widely used software for web designing. And Photoshop document works best for the design-to-code process.

Our professional UI/UX Designer Miraj Ahmed said,

” I don’t feel any barrier when designing in Photoshop/XD/Figma, no matter what kind of theme you want.”

PSD to WordPress Conversion:

“PSD to WP conversion” usually refers to creating a fully functional WordPress website theme from a Photoshop Design. In this process, at first, a designer designs a theme in Photoshop then a developer converts the design into a website.

We have already discussed the process of converting PSD to WordPress in our previous blog. There are four significant steps For PSD to WP conversion. 1. Slicing 2. Code in HTML and style by using CSS 3. Braking your index.html to WP theme structure 4. Add WP Tags. (For more details visit:: https://getpsdtowp.com/psd-to-wp-conversion-service-provider/ )

What do professionals say about PSD for WordPress conversion? 

We asked this question to our highly experienced web developer Mr Adnan Shwakat.

He replied,” Every customer has their own needs & own visual appearance for their website. So, one can’t create something without a visual concept of what the customer wants. Hence, it’s easier to develop something if you have the design ready from the customers perspective. Visual appearance will make the work flawless. That’s why I prefer working on PSD first then develop it using WordPress.”

That makes it clear why PSD is necessary for creating a perfect WordPress website. However, Figma is another efficient option after Photoshop doc. You can even do sketch to WP.

Why do experts recommend PSD to WP?

There are some reasons for recommending PSD to WP conversion.Unique and Professional Design: The main reason to go with PSD to WP conversion is, creating your own website theme rather than using a prebuilt WP theme. A prebuilt WP theme can never be as compatible as a personalized theme. Your theme is what makes your website stand out of the crowd, and it must be unique and professional. That is why PSD to WP is recommended.

Your design has to be responsive because surviving without a responsive website is almost impossible. Your audience will be using different devices. Now if your website design cannot adjust with all of them, then it will be no use for the major audience. A responsive design can also help rank higher in the search result. You can build your responsive design through PSD to WP conversion.  

A professional PSD TO WP Conversion expert knows how to leverage the WordPress functionality and make the Photoshop design a pixel-perfect design. Pixel-Perfect designs look appealing and provide a consistent look across different browser. So, PSD to WP is essential if you need a pixel perfect website.Unlike a static HTML site, a WP website built using PSD to WordPress conversion doesn’t need to use HTML and FTP software. From updating themes to adding new content,

everything is built-in to WordPress itself. It is an advantage for you, especially if you’re a novice. It becomes more comfortable for you to operate. Hand Coded Semantic Markup: There is software available in the market that can automatically convert a PSD to WordPress theme. But the reality is, your theme cannot be as of your expected quality unless it is hand-coded. In PSD to WP conversion process, your theme is hand-coded by the professionals. This semantic approach to web markup helps your website in SEO and load fast.

Overall PSD to WP is vital for, Enhanced Usability, In-built Blogging System, SEO Friendly Website, Easy and Cost-effective Solutions, eCommerce Integration, and a lot more.

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