Make your site secure with proper security enhancement in WordPress


Security is a major concern for WordPress website owners. In this article, we will have a quick view on how to enhance the security of your WP site. About 30000 websites get hacked every day. Imagine you have gone to sleep seeing your website working fine but, when you woke up you find out you cannot access your site anymore. It’s more than a nightmare for any website owner. The best way to make sure the security of your website is to go with a hosting provider.

A hosting provider will provide multiple layers of security for your WordPress site. We at provide quality hosting services. We will provide multiple layers to security, many security features, free security advice, daily malware scans, 24/7 support, and help you to speed up your WordPress website at a very affordable price. You can contact us now for any details.

Here are some other tips to enhance the security of your WordPress website:
  1. Set strong password: Your password is very important to ensure the security of your
    website. Setting up strong passwords is the most important way to prevent hacking. Don’t
    use passwords like abcdefgh, 12345678 or abc12345, etc. You won’t believe me but these
    are the most common passwords and easy for hackers to find out. Set a password that has a
    mixture of capital and small alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Make your password at least
    15 characters long.
  2. Use two-factor authentication for logging in: It just doubles your security. You will also get
    an email if anyone else logs in your site and take the necessary steps to prevent it.
  3. Disable login hints: try Login hint may help hackers to get access to your website.
  4. Keep WordPress version updated: By updating the latest version you will not only enhance
    the security of your site but also improve the performance of it. You should also update your
    themes and plugins for the same reason.
  5. Limit login attempts: You can limit login attempts easily by using the WordPress login limit
    attempts plugin.
  6. Install a WordPress security plugin.
  7. Use only known sources to download a plugin.
  8. Use a good user name: Do not set your user name as “Admin” which is the most common
    one. Use a unique username for your administrator account.
    Do not give any chance to hackers. For pro tips, hosting, and security services contact us now.