PSD to WP Conversion. What, How to, Process, Importance, and Everything You Need to Know.

PSD to WP Conversion

We all know how important it is to maintain good quality and design on your website. If you want to flourish from the vast competition, you must take every measure to make your WordPress website unique and appealing to your target market. And this is an area where you can’t avoid the importance of PSD to WP conversion.

What is PSD to WP Conversion:

To put it in short, by PSD to WP, we mean the complete process of converting a PSD design into a fully functional WordPress website. However, PSD to WordPress often refers to the conversion of any format of design to a WordPress website or theme.
In this process, first, you have to make a design in PSD, Figma, Html, or whatever option you like keeping the type of your target market and website in mind. It’s not like you have to create the design on your own. You can hire a designer to make a design for your website according to your satisfaction. Once you are done with the PhotoShop design, then comes the part of the implementation. You implement the design to your WordPress website theme. You can hire an expert to convert your PSD or any form of design to a fully functional WordPress theme. You can do it by yourself if you consider yourself experienced enough for this job.

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Importance of PSD to WP Conversion:

The theme of your website matters the most when it comes to the matter of attracting the audience. There may be numerous websites available on the internet, just like yours. The ease of use, speed, design, attractiveness, etc. makes your website stand out of the crowd and make a place for itself. Again, not all websites appear on the front page of the google search result. Your website design helps you to SEO optimize your website when driving crowd and holding people longer on your website. And to make sure a perfect WordPress website theme, nothing beats PSD to WP.
Each website must have its ownness, and that is why we need custom themes for your website that will express your offerings in the best possible way. As you can design according to your choice and then implement the design on your WP website, it gives all the facilities mentioned above. It also avails your website visitor to access easily from different devices and browsers with similar performance and highlights your priorities to them.
For these reasons, PSD to WP conversion and PSD to WP services have become so important and popular among website owners.

How professionals convert PSD to WP theme (step by step process):
The process of converting your PSD or any design to a WordPress theme and making it fully functional is not so easy. But not even hard for experts. To apply your PSD or any type of design to your website is not enough. It has to be SEO friendly, well-optimized, superfast accessible, easy to use, and it must match your preferences. This is why and a highly experienced PSD to WordPress expert has a very high demand in the market of website development. It takes years to learn everything about PSD to WP conversion and even more time to gain experience and become an expert. So, the complete process cannot be covered just by a single content. However, experts usually follow some common steps to convert your PSD design to a fully functional WP website.

Here is the step by step process to create a WP website theme from PSD.
Step 1: Slicing
: This is the first step of the PSD to WP theme converting process. In this step, you slice your PSD to divide into separate image files, each containing different design elements. Each design component is effectively saved as an individual design file. Here you actually create different design elements from a single design. This step is a must, as you can’t code template or theme just from one design file.
Usually, designers and developers prefer Adobe Photoshop for slicing, but you can use other software too. But no matter what you use, the purpose is to get pixel-perfect image files.
Step 2: Code in HTML and style by using CSS: In this step, the experts design the sliced elements into HTML or XHTML. Then the style and format them in Style.css.
Step 3: Braking your index.html to WP theme structure: After converting the PSD file to HTML, you now have your basic template ready. Now, you have to port it to WordPress. You will require index.php and style.css files to create a fully functional WP theme.
Step 4: Add WP Tags: Now, you have to import the great inbuilt functionalities provided by WordPress into your theme files. Use WordPress tags and add tags. Done. Your WP theme is ready.
So, these were the steps to convert PSD to a functional WP them. We have added very few descriptions about the steps. But we will share the detailed process in our upcoming articles.

Can you create your own PSD to Word press theme?
Of course, you can. But this won’t be so easy if you are new to this sector. This is not something that you can learn in 2 days and apply the next day correctly. If you are determined to learn and do it by yourself, then we really appreciate you. But this is a very lengthy process.

So, how can I get PhotoShop or other forms of design converted to a fully functional WordPress theme?
Don’t worry. There is a lot of company who provides PSD to WP services. Even we at are always ready to give all the services and supports related to WordPress website designing and converting files to your WordPress website. All you have to do is, contact us, share your requirements and ideas, show us your design, and place an order. will charge a minimal amount for the service, only if you like the output. No advance payments are required.
So, why bother so much hassle? Leave the project in the expert hands and relax. If you want to get your PSD or any file converted into a fully functional WordPress theme, visit our website or click here to start your free trial.

PSD to WordPress website or theme conversion is vital for your website’s SEO, engagement, ease of use, presentation, and more. This is where you have the opportunity to become unique and uphold your products, services, and whatever to the mass crowd. So we prefer you to be serious in this part. No matter if you are doing it or have hired someone to do it for you, make sure you have done it correctly. Otherwise, your website won’t be able to do its job correctly.