Terms & Conditions

We, ‘Getpsdtowp’ like to keep things clear between us and all our users, visitor, and those who access and/or use our services. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are applied to all our users, visitor, and those who access and/use our services.

General conditions: 

We clearly state that all materials published and posted on our website https://getpsdtowp.com/ such as content, logo, pictures, design, layout, trademarks, reviews, etc. are owned by Getpsdtowp and protected by copyright and other intellectual laws. Using these without our written permission for any kind of commercial and non-commercial purpose is not permitted. We do not permit anyone to use our name and/or logo for advertising or publicity purposes without a written agreement.

We reserve the right to make any kind of changes to our privacy policy, terms, conditions, services, website, prices any time without notifying anyone. 

No one is permitted to post, share, or send any unlawful, threatening, pornographic, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene material, information, language, or link to us or on our website.

Terms for payment:

Quotes provided to clients are valid only for 30 days from the date for quotation or issuing if expiry is not mentioned. The charges for each of our services are defined precisely in our service descriptions. The terms regarding payments are mentioned below.

  • We are currently not charging anything to begin working on your project. You can start working with us with the free trial button.
  • You can pay 100% after we have completed the project according to your instruction.
  • No hidden charges will be applied
  • The 100% after work payment opportunity can change any time.
  • Currently, we are receiving payments through PayPal, Credit card, and Skill.
  • We do not encourage bargaining about the payment.
  • Bills that are charged at an hourly basis will cost 25 USD per hour. 
  • Payments will be applied once you have agreed to receive the finished project.


Currently, we are not charging any pre-order payment and we only ask and receive payments only after our buyers are completely satisfied so, the refund option is not applicable at the moment. However, if any client mistakenly pays any amount of money, he/she can ask for a refund in 3 workdays of the payment date. Otherwise, that will be considered a tip.


Both parties can cancel the project for reasons like conflict, unexpected happening of life, if not satisfied with the progress of work, delay, etc. The client must pay for all the works already done before cancellation if demanded. The project cannot be canceled after the payment is done or the client has agreed to receive the complete project.