Essential WordPress Development Trends to Follow in 2021

WordPress Development

Why should you follow 2021’s essential WordPress trends?

You may already know that WordPress development is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the market holding 35% of the total available websites. With the advancement of online technology, WordPress has gone through countless upgrades and improvements starting from 2003.

And new things are most likely to keep coming in the future. Following the trends can be an important thing if you manage a WordPress website. But don’t go for what everyone is going for. Rather, follow the trends that are essential for your website. If something is working for the others, not like it will work for you too. So be wise.

If you are thinking about why it is important to follow essential WordPress trends in 2021? Then we will say, because it will help you to decide your next move, keep your website updated according to the trend, not to get backdated, and stay in the competition.

So, stay updated with the recent useful developments or trends in WordPress and provide a better user experience. To help you with it, here are the WordPress trends that may be essential for you to follow in 2021.

WordPress development trends:

Progressive web applications (PWA):

When browsing over the internet we often face difficulty in downloading the apps. We try multiple times but can’t download it. To help with this problem, the progressive web application can be a perfect solution for you.

PWA is one kind of application software delivered through the web which is also built by using common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, etc. It can work like native apps without any downloading process.

It may also provide a better user experience with fast loading time, higher flexibility, and better security. With the increasing number of smartphone users, progressive web applications are getting even more popular in the industry.

Chatbot Integration/Chat support:

Chatbots are widely used on all kinds of websites in 2021. Whenever someone asks any quarry in the chat option of the website, the bot immediately replies to them. Chatbots can be used for different purposes such as administrative and customer support tasks.

Chatbots can help with improved and automated customer support, click monitoring, capture lead, improve user experience, etc. So, chatbots are a must to have on your website. This is one of the top trending features among WordPress users.

Now, with advanced artificial intelligence, chatbots may work more human-like. DoopChat, WP-Chatbot, and IBM Watson, etc are the chatbot plugins you may like to use to integrate chatbots for your site.

Voice Search features:

Unsurprisingly voice search has appeared in this list of essential WordPress development trends. Voice search can be a very useful feature for WordPress websites. Siri, Alexa, and other activated search assistants have already become popular to a wide range of users which is also increasing in 2021.

In fact, voice search has become the most popular tool for both business and personal requirements. It may also boost your SEO and make your website user-friendly.

Using WordPress for Ecommerce:

Online shopping has become a regular thing in today’s world. Especially after the covid-19 breakout, it has become an unavoidable necessity. Not to forget, when physical businesses were falling down, Ecommerce had a big rise in 2020 due to the effect of Coronavirus. And the trend is still going on. It is a growing necessity to have eCommerce capability.

You can use Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify to convert your WordPress development to an exclusive eCommerce site. It will take a very short time to do so.

WooCommerce is the most trending eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It will deploy SEO features of WordPress and make your website user-friendly, especially for buying and selling products.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence, the long-awaited exciting feature of WordPress development in 2021. Everyone should incorporate their website with artificial intelligence or AI. You can understand better your customer’s behavior and use it to provide personalized solutions to your website. You can use popular AI plugins like WordLift, Akismet, and Quttera, etc.

With the help of this technology, you can retarget and make customers revisit your website by offering personalized offers and discounts. Overall AI allows us to analyze and provide better insights for eCommerce site sales.

Augmented reality and virtual reality:

You can use popular WordPress plugins such as WP VR, and AR play to enable this feature with ease. AR and VR allow users to view 360° images and videos. They may get the experience of watching your product from anywhere like watching it in person. This trend is so appealing and also expected to last in the far future.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain technology can improve the overall process of payments by making it secure and fast. You can simply install blockchain plugins on your WP website and enjoy hassle-free payment transactions.

Custom Add-ons

Though mentioning this WordPress development trend at the end, there is no way you can take it lightly. We, the e-commerce site developers and users know the importance of drag and drop page builders. You may add drag and drop add ons using Elementor plugins to offer more personalized sites. Its awesome personalized view made it one of the popular WordPress development trends.


Here we tried to brief the best WordPress development trends for 2021. All of these can be a great improvement for your WordPress website or eCommerce store. It is a very important thing to know what is trending if you are a WordPress user. You should constantly update your website with essential developments.

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