WordPress Tips and Tricks: Must know For Beginners in 2021

Easy Tips and Tricks for WordPress Users:

WordPress tips tricks suggestions that’s all we want to know from the experts. But what we get in return? Maybe some good people want to help you out. But most of them will ignore your question or give you some lame answers making you even more confused.

It’s because they have gone through the same difficulty, did their research, hard work. and finally managed to see some light. Why would they share those precious tips for free? You have to do your research and hard work to figure it out. To help you with that, in this article we will share some pro tips for WordPress users especially the new ones.

You may already know that WordPress is the most popular management system. Thousands of new websites come online every day in WordPress alone. The competition is high. No matter what kind of WordPress website you have or you want to have, you must make the highest use of available features in WordPress to stand out of the crowd. To make that possible these WordPress tips will help you a lot.

15 Best WordPress Tips For Users in 2021:

1. Having perfect theme:

Your theme plays a vital role in the success of your WordPress website. So, having the right theme is the most important tip for you. Your website’s SEO, usability, speed, looks, and every important thing are highly dependent on your theme.

When it comes to the matter of WordPress themes, you have a bunch of options available. You can use free themes offered by WordPress. There are premium themes that may be a great investment. And you can also make get your own fully functional, customizable theme. Of course, the free themes won’t cost any money but the premium themes are not, nor the custom-made themes. There are certain things that you should be careful about in order to choose the right theme for you.

Firstly, you have to make sure that the theme is SEO optimized. Search engine optimization is a must when it comes to the matter of website themes.

The theme has to be of high quality. By high quality we mean, the pixel-perfect design, adjustable with any shape of devices is it a pc or phone, fast, and many more qualities you can expect from a theme.

Choose your theme depending on the type of your website. You have to figure out the needs of your website. Suppose you need an eCommerce website. So you have to get a website that is perfectly designed and fit for eCommerce.

If you are really serious about your website then it is highly recommended to go for custom-made themes. Because nor the premium or the free themes are designed especially for you but a vast audience. Also the security, SEO optimization, and overall quality are questionable. The design may be nice and everything can be good enough in some cases, but they may not be perfect for the type of your website and hamper the uniqueness of it.

On the other hand, a custom-made theme can be exactly as you want it to be. You can design something by yourself on PSD or even make a sketch of it and submit it to a PSD to WP service provider such as Getpsdtowp. And they will create a theme that is specially made for you.

You can tell them whatever functionalities or qualities you want and they will do it all in exchange for a certain amount of money. Getpsdtowp is mentioned here because they are the only service provider who takes charges after the work is done which no other service provider offers. No preorder charge or advance payment. Can you imagine? Use a custom home page. 

2. Choose your hosting:

Choosing a good hosting company is one of the most necessary things for your website. A good hosting company can be a great way to optimize your website. Ease of use, performance, and security, are the three important things when choosing a hosting provider.

There are many web hosting provider companies in the market offering various packages. We suggest you to explore and see who offers the most suitable package for you at the best price. Don’t just get the cheapest package out there. But see what they offer and how good their service is.

Make sure they include instant technical support. A web hosting package cannot be considered user-friendly if it does not offer technical support and non-technical support. Also, make sure they maintain the quality of support.

3. Install the most necessary plugins & tools:

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available. Many of them are free and others are paid. Plugins add a lot of new features to your website. It makes your work easy too. A default WordPress website lacks so many things which can be filled up by using these plugins. There are different types of plugins for different functions. Though there are many free plugins available that can be downloaded instantly and installed but, you may need to get some paid plugins as well.

It is recommended to keep your website light weighted. So stay away from overloading your website with too many plugins. Do your research, check the reviews of each plugin before installing it. Remember poorly written plugins can harm your website. 

To help you find the most useful tools & plugins here are some types you should research and get the best ones.

  1. Analytical tools such as google analytics
  2. SEO plugins and rank tracking
  3. Backup plugins
  4. Ecommerce plugins
  5. Testimonial plugins, etc.

4. Keep your themes and plugins updated:

Updating your themes and plugins is another important WordPress tip. Usually, you can continue running your site for months without paying any attention to the updates. But it will be a big mistake to avoid updating your themes and plugins. Plugins are generally not updated just for feature improvements. It’s the security issues that drive a lot of updates. So, it may seem like a simple improvement but the update maybe was for closing a security gap of the software.

So, don’t let the hackers target that outdated software to exploit the security flaws that are not patched up.

WordPress will notify you (if you haven’t turned the option off) when you need to update any software or plugin. You can update them manually or just turn on auto-updates if you are short in time.

 5. Always update in a test environment:

Our 6th WordPress tip is, always to update in a test environment. Because, when making changes in your live website, you run the risk of something causing your site to crash. If your site is tied to your business, it’s critical to avoid downtown always. It can also cause a big loss in sales. So the WordPress trick is, a staging site would work well for quick fixes. A staging site or test site is a clone of your production site. So it is safe for you to experiment here and then implement in the main website. Local is a free app that can help you here. Make sure to give them a check.

6. Optimize your image

Images play a vital role in your website. It improves the overall quality and looks of your website if used in the right way. But you have to make sure that those images are optimized in the right way. Because unoptimized images will slow down your website as it often takes more time to load. A 10 MB image file may look great on your device, but the same size is not suitable for your website. The loading time of your website has a high impact on SEO.

The solution is, reducing the size of the images. You can simply reduce the quality and dimension (length and width) in Photoshop or any other tools online to reduce the size of the images.

7. Back up your website and content:

Many beginners don’t know or just ignore backups and repent later. You should consider this as one of the best WordPress tips.

Your content is one of the most valuable parts of your website. If you don’t have backups and if you accidentally delete any file on your server, then it will be gone forever. Even hackers can hack and erase all your data.

You can check with your hosting provider to see if they provide backups, you can check whether you have a local up-to-date copy of the file, restore the site/files/data from backup. You can use a WordPress backup plugin. The plugin will automatically or Mannually back up your data.

8. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly:

Your site has to be responsive. Which means whatever device your viewer is using. It must fit perfectly on that device without losing the quality. Nowadays people tend to use mobile phones for their regular browsing and other works. So, there is no way you can avoid making your site mobile-friendly. If you are making your site with GetPSDtoWP.com then you don’t need to worry about the responsiveness though.

9.SSL Certificate:

No matter what kind of website you have. Getting SSL certification on your website is considered the best trick to gain the trust of both google and your viewers. Ask your hosting provider. Many hosting providers provide SSL certificates. You can use Flywheel for free and simple SSL. Don’t take this WP tip lightly, especially if you are taking credit card payments directly on your website.

10. Use self-hosted WordPress Org:

You can use WordPress.Com if you don’t care about the URL and don’t want to customize your site. But if you are serious about your website, want to add plugins, and make some money from the website, then go with WordPress.Org. 

This concludes our list of top 10 WordPress tips and tricks. Here are some more important WordPress tricks we couldn’t ignore. 

Take a quick look at some more quick WordPress Tips:

  1. Avoid using too many post tags: Beginners often use too many tags which is not a good practice. So, be careful about using tags. Overuse can dilute the message of your page and site. 
  2. Do keyword research and stay focused: You should start with very few keywords and be constant to those keywords. Avoid creating unfocused posts. Jumping from one keyword to another keyword frequently is not a good WP trick.
  3. Limit login attempts: WP allows your site to have unlimited logins. To protect your website from hackers, you should limit login attempts. It can be done easily by using another plugin like  Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, WP Limit Login Attempts, or Login LockDown. You should pay very high attention to the security of your website.
  4. Allow comment: Let your users comment on your posts. It’s a great idea to interact with them and create a connection & community. But avoid spamming.
  5. Customize your site: You can customize and personalize your website in many ways. It’s a long topic to discuss. Edit header, customize the shop page, the checkout page, and whatever is necessary. Use every possible way for the improvement of your website. 

If you are serious about your website, then give it some time and utilize the maximum of the opportunities. Don’t hesitate to spend some time and money if required. Do your research for any kind of information. Not giving up early is probably the best Word press trick. Take expert help if needed.

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